Group study rooms may be reserved by CPTC students, faculty and staff for two consecutive hours, once per day.

  • A group is two or more people.
  • Study rooms are located in CPTC libraries at the Golden Isles, Jesup and Waycross sites. 
  • Group study rooms are kept open for anyone needing a study space. However, priority will be given to CPTC students, staff, and faculty who have reservations.
  • Library Services may cancel a room reservation if the group of two or more has not occupied the space within 15 minutes of the reservation time.
  • When you reserve a room, you will receive a confirmation email at your CPTC email address. 
  • Print your confirmation and bring it with you to claim your space. 

Hover over thethe information icon of a circle enclosing a lowercase letter iinformation icon to see a photograph of the room and additional information.